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The following is brought to you by Namikatas, a butchers specializing in mutton and lamb.

 Namikatas opened for business in November, 1957, originally as a shop specializing in 'Jingisukan' (mutton barbecue). However, thanks to 'Yoshitsuneyaki' - an original meat dish and Namikatas speciality - 39 years later Namikatas enjoys an excellent and very wide spread reputation


 Originally conceived of 30 years ago, 'Yoshitsuneyaki' is Namikatas speciality. Yoshitsuneyaki is extremely simple to prepare. You add the meat (thinly sliced mutton) to a cabbage and onion vegetable mix, stir fry it, then eat it hot - a delicious 'yakiniku' (roast meat) dish. Because Yoshitsuneyaki is stir fired with our shop's specially prepared 'miso' sauce, it is unthinkably tender when compared with normal roast meat and complements perfectly with rice and sake.

For the sound of a Yoshitsuneyaki sizzle, please click on the picture above.

Namikata Masao
e-mail: nikuya@umai.jp